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Students Testimonials

Parents Testimonials

  • “Before coming to AFEX, I had heard amazing things about the staff's relentless efforts to give each student their best shot at acing the SAT. Right from the first day of class, AFEX's pedagogical excellence was felt. My teachers were patient in explaining nuanced "tricks" to build our confidence in acing this test. (more…)
    American International ‘15
    Williams College ‘19
  • Selasie Mortey
    AFEX is hands down the best test prep. From day one, there was always someone there to help me through the process. Constant attention and progress tracking from my tutors helped me to always be on my game and interaction with old students motivated me to aim higher. This helped me in my admission into Tufts University on a full scholarship.
    Selasie Mortey
    Tufts University 2025
  • “A friend told me about AFEX when I had just finished high school. I wanted to study in the US, but my SAT scores were not improving even though I kept practicing. (more…)
    Christian High ‘14
    Williams College ‘19
  • Samuel Ntim
    “The AFEX instructors were approachable, helpful and always willing to answer questions even after class. They offered a rigorous but friendly environment which spiked me to attain success”.
    Samuel Ntim
    Ghana International School (GIS) ‘17
  • Nana Bonsu
    “AFEX provided me with strategies, which I may otherwise have never known, to tackle the SAT. Their methodical breakdown and planning towards the exam helped me greatly in surpassing my goal”.
    Nana Bonsu
    SOS- Hermann Gmeiner International College ‘18
  • Nana Akua Annoh-Quarshie
    AFEX Test Prep made my preparation toward the SATs both enjoyable and worthwhile. The tutors were diligent in their teaching and ensured that students were given maximum attention. The support I received from the consultants is what helped me most in my journey applying to Yale University. I can now say thanks to AFEX I received good financial aid from the universities, and can’t contain my excitement.  
    Nana Akua Annoh-Quarshie
    Yale University 2025
  • Mbebo Nonna
    My admission into New York University Abu Dhabi is primarily due to the AFEX experience. With an unbeatable record of student admissions in almost all the top universities in the world and an admirable list of top test-takers in SAT, my personal experience is enough to boast that the AFEX hub is top-notch when it comes to SAT tuition and consulting. They provide the best services in the country and beyond.
    Mbebo Nonna
    NYU Abu Dhabi 2025
  • MacCarthy
    “I strongly believe AFEX is the best place to go to for all things related to international schooling. I was incredibly impressed by the resources that were available and the genuine interest the AFEX staff and tutors had. My transition to Vanderbilt and American culture was so much easier because of the prudent counsel from staff members who actually knew what they were talking about!”
    Prempeh College ‘13
    Vanderbilt University ‘18
  • James Kofi Boateng
    AFEX provides training that transcends just test prep. With wonderful tutors and counselors, I was taught to view Math and English like I never had before and AFEX provided me with wonderful assistance during my college application process and helped to get into Lafayette College.
    James Kofi Boateng
    Lafayette University 2025
  • Gustav Allotey

     AFEX is a test prep center to the outside world but to those who have experienced it, it’s worth more than that. I say this because my  SAT prep instructors not only demonstrated exceptional knowledge and skill wholeheartedly but also embraced everyone who had problems, diagnosed these problems, and helped solve them.

    Gustav Allotey
    Swarthmore College 2025
  • “AFEX really pushed me to the limit by teaching me a lot about hard work and ambition. With the help of the very intelligent teachers and classmates, I got prepared adequately for the SAT examination. You cannot miss this experience.”
    Opoku Ware School ‘16
    Cornell University ‘21
  • Ferdinand
    “AFEX was more than just an educational institution to me. The staff have the patience and genuine desire to assist students no matter their level of competency. The institution helped me to develop a solid foundation and useful skills in taking the SAT Exam. The assistance I received during the college application process contributed massively to my admission to NYU and Wesleyan University. I enjoyed every bit of my time at AFEX and I owe my academic success to the hardworking and dedicated staff of the institution”.  
    Wesleyan University '20
  • Desmond Ababio
    I am grateful for the time I spent at AFEX and more importantly I'm thankful for the tutors and peers who believed in my abilities and who pushed me to become a better version of myself. With their help, I was able to be accepted into Cornell University, a testament to their utmost dedication and resolve to produce excellent results for students.
    Desmond Ababio
    Cornell University 2025
  • “AFEX was amazing. The classes were so interesting and captivating that I hardly missed one. My favorite was the class 2020 (boy, you cannot afford to miss that). At AFEX, I was taught that with perseverance, hard work and determination, the sky would not be the limit; but the starting point”.
    Opoku Ware School ‘15
    Cornell University ‘20
  • “I believe AFEX gave me the best gift I have ever received: a life changing educational experience. The tutelage, and friendships I made during my time at AFEX were truly invaluable and the all-round educational experience I got really made my transition into the American academic sphere much easier. It was an experience I would definitely not trade”.
    St. Thomas Aquinas ‘14
    Stanford University ‘19
  • Awey Axel
    I’m so glad I came over quickly to AFEX. The Test preparation was truly unmatched and also the dedication from the tutors. Every question I had about schools, financial aid, and the test was thoughtfully answered. Which helped me to make it into Albion College with almost 100% scholarship. I’m so happy to have had the AFEX experience and I’m sure no one else would regret it.
    Awey Axel
    Albion College 2025
  • AFEX Alumni
    “The teachers at AFEX are so down to earth. I had such a good relationship with them which made concepts I found ambiguous very easy. This alone, I know, helped improve my scores greatly. During the application process, the motivation the teachers provided was enough to push me through any ‘thick walled’ essay. (more…)
    Appiah Kubi
    Adisadel College ‘15
    Duke University ‘20
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