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Our Services

AFEX has assisted over 600 students gain admission to the most prestigious schools in the USA and Canada. In our college application consulting program, we

  • Guide applicants to select and apply to twelve (12) schools.
  • Review and polish essays for applications.
  • Coach and prepare applicant for interviews.
  • Market applicant to the Admission Committee.
  • Coordinate the applicant’s extracurricular activities.
  • Review applicant’s financial conditions for scholarship application awards.
  • Request for a waiver of the fees on Common Application schools on behalf of the applicant.
  • Review Student Financial Aid Forms, including CSS, ISFAF and ISCOF if applicable.

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AFEX College admission 2020/21

SAT prep exposes you to the specific techniques that have proven successful in increasing the scores of our students in the Math and verbal reasoning sections of the test.


  • 8-12 weeks lesson
  • 3x a week or 1x weekends
  • 160 hours of lessons
  • 15-22 full practice test

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Best SAT score in Africa

As one of the most accessible and accepted examinations in the world, the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is used to measure English Language Proficiency. Our intensive five-week course prepares you for this internet-based exams by focusing on the main features of the test, test-taking strategies, exercises, and practice. With the help of our industrious teacher, you would prepare adequately for the various skills tested on the exam-reading, listening, writing and speaking.

  • 5 weeks
  • 2x a week
  • 30hrs of lessons
  • 5 full  practice tests

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The Secondary School Admission Test is required for high-school bound students in the United States. At AFEX, we provide a well-structured and comprehensive module aimed at preparing students for the test. Our experience teachers insist on hard work and full cooperation of students. They help to understand verbal concepts (synonyms, analogies and comprehension) and Math concepts needed to excel in the  SSAT

  • 8-12 weeks of lessons
  • 3x a week or  1x weekends
  • 160hrs of lessons
  • 10-12 full practice tests

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Our instructors guide students through quantitative concepts and reasoning skills. With our small class size, the needed attention will help you gain the grounds for success. One exceptional skill of our teachers is the formulation of authentic questions from exceptionally organized course outlines and with the help of best books from recognized test preps around the world.

We seek to imbibe in you the outstanding qualities of time management, insights on how to study, analytical writing, precise methodologies, and verbal reasoning skills.

  • 12 weeks of lessons
  • 2x a week
  • 72hours of lessons
  • 5 full practice test and reviews

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