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Applying to liberal arts colleges: a wise decision?



What is a liberal art or science university or college?

A liberal art or science university or college encourages students to study a wide range of courses and programs that develop them into all-rounded graduates. Such a higher education aims to train critical thinkers with developed ethical, moral, environmental, and community awareness. It is contrary to the specialized form of education that seeks to graduate individuals who will just fill particular job positions.


Misconception about liberal art/ science education

It is not accurate that students in liberal arts schools do not specialize. These schools expect students to concentrate in a particular field after the first two years of exploring different areas of interest. Even some STEM programs expect students to study core subjects plus other courses in subjects of their choosing. So, students will not be a jack of all trade but those who have a career as well as appreciate other professions.


What is the risk in liberal arts education vis-a vie job prospects?

The simple answer to this question is do not do programs or courses that only focus on soft skills without any STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects. Most liberal arts schools allow students to carve such a degree.


Who will significantly benefit from such an education?

Every student! With the world moving to discuss the ethical, moral, environmental, and societal impact of services and products, core competency in an area is coupled with other skills. Companies will prefer to have an employee who can think outside the box, develop new ideas, and have basic communication skills. 


What jobs did AFEX Test Prep alumni get after a liberal arts education?

AFEX in our 11-year history has had a number of students who went through such education and they are well-positioned in various jobs.  Check out our alumni page:  WHERE ARE THEY NOW 


Some of the best Liberal arts colleges

Williams College

Wellesley College

Hamilton College

Amherst College

Bowdoin College

Middlebury College

Swarthmore College

Claremont Mckenna College

Washington and Lee University

Pomona College

Carleton College

Grinnell College

Vassar College

Colby College

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