1What happens if school reopens but class has not ended?
All Classes are designed to be completed in a 12-week period the time covers teaching and testing. Students who are unable to complete the full 12-week class can always resume at a later time of their convenience.
2What learning platform will be use for the classes?
All online instruction will be over the Zoom application available for download for mobile devices and laptops
3How can we get materials for the class?
All instruction materials (e-books) will be sent to students via email after confirmation of payment
4How will practice test be administered?
5How can I pay for classes?
Students can pay for classes by making a BANK DEPOSIT, BANK TRANSFER, MOBILE MONEY TRANSFER, or MPESA PAYBILL. Details of payments will be included in the application form either to AFEXKenya or AFEXGhana.
6When can i write the exams after the classes?
The Convid-19 pandemic has caused CollegeBoard to cancel the March and May Test days. Collegeboard has however indicated on thier website ( of a tentative date on of August 29
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